• About DMS Afimilk

    DMS Afimilk’s modular system achieves cost-efficient milk production, higher profit margins, superior animal welfare management and product quality.

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  • Our Services

    DMS Afimilk provides an Integration Service, Management Consultancy and Ideal Weight Feeding Program to assist dairy farmers with product integration and data gathering..

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  • Data Driven Results

    Introducing new technologies to move your dairy farm toward optimum efficiency and profitability involves a period of education and transition for most dairy farmers.

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  • afilab


    AfiLab is a real-time analyser of dairy cow milk components, continuously collecting vital data relating to every individual cow at each milking session.

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  • afimilk


    The AfiMilk comprehensive management system provides the farmer with a user friendly tool to meet the challenges of daily decision-making.

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  • afiact

    AfiActII (AfiHeat)

    AfiAct is an automatic system with detection rates that are superior to traditional methods, such as visual observation or tail chalking.

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  • afiweigh


    AfiWeigh consists of one or multiple weighing systems that automatically store a cow’s body weight on route to or from the milking parlour.

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