• The future of Australian dairy farming

    Managing small details in real time is the key to tangible profit margins for Australian dairy farms. DMS Afimilk’s modular system achieves cost-efficient milk production, higher profit margins, superior animal welfare management and product quality. Installed in dairy farms across more than 50 countries in over five continents, DMS Afimilk’s modular system has become an essential management tool for today’s dairy farm.

    With over 30 years experience as service technician providers to Australia’s dairy industry, DMS Afimilk have the expertise and know-how to asset in the adoption and ongoing management of Afimilk products.

    DMS Afimilk are headed by directors Rob Cosson & Clint Brereton. Their passion for the integration of technology into the Australian dairy farming way is the driving force behind DMS Afimilk. DMS Afimilk serve all corners of the Australian Dairy landscape.

    DMS Team

    Clint Brereton – Director
    Rob Cosson – Director
    Melissa Cosson – Operations Manager
    Glen Gardner – IT Technician
    Mark Brown – AfterCare Manager
    Luke Miller – Afimilk Technician

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