• The heart of the dairy farm

    Afimilk products feature the most advanced software and state-of-the-art sensors for real time information. Our products are modular and can be installed on any existing milking parlour with few to no changes. Automation is available for all types of milking parlours, including Rotary, Herringbone, Parallel and Swing Over, with either individual stall or entrance ID.

  • The modular system – how it works

    With the exception of AfiLab, all DMS Afimilk products can be purchased separately, or come together to work as an integrated dairy management system. Each product adds value alone, or can be purchased and installed one by one as part of a planned investment in the future of your dairy farm. Contact a DMS Afimilk consultant today to discuss the unique needs of your dairy farm.

  • afimilk


    The AfiMilk comprehensive management system providing the farmer with a user friendly tool to meet the many challenges of daily decision-making.

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  • afiact

    AfiActII (automatic heat detection)

    AfiAct is a stand alone heat detection system, replacing visual observation or tail chalking to monitor cows around the clock with “a pair of eyes that never close.”

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  • afiflow

    AfiFlo (milk meters)

    AfiFlo puts milkers in control of milking operations; interfacing with AfiMilk to collect and display vital information to the milking parlour, improving the speed and ease of operations and working processes.

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  • afiweigh


    AfiWeigh consists of one or multiple weighing systems that automatically determine and store a cow’s body weight on the route cows follow to or from the milking parlour.

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  • afisort


    The AfiSort automated cow traffic control system is the most efficient solution for treating cows on a dairy farm, reducing staff costs and increasing time efficiencies.

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  • afifeed


    AfiFeed is an efficient tool for optimizing concentrated feed allocation, increasing milk production per feed consumption ratio of the herd and enabling individual feed menus.

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  • afilab


    AfiLab is a real-time analyser of dairy cow milk components, continuously collecting vital data relating to every individual cow at each milking session, enabling decisions in real time.

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  • afishepherd


    AfiShepherd is an automated system that captures information about the performance of each animal, building a database and generating reports for the different decisions required on sheep and goat farms.

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    Ideal Weight Feeding

    No two cows are the same – so don’t feed them as if they are.

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    You are never alone with DMS Afimilk

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  • Silicone 16mm

    Silicone Tube

    Silicone tubing is a more hygienic solution, as silicone is significantly more inert than most organic rubbers. Silicone tubing does not crack, erode, perish or become porous & therefore does not support bacterial growth.

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  • Milkpro

    ECR milkpro

    Today’s Electronic Cup Remover

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    Teat Scrubbers

    Highest quality milk comes from healthy cows. A healthy herd produces more milk and allows you the time to focus on your herd management priorities. Reducing prepping time and increasing prepping consistency will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

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