• Heat Detection – AfiActII now app based

    Round the clock monitoring

    AfiAct is an automatic system with detection rates that are superior to traditional methods, such as visual observation or tail chalking. Offering a methodical, systemized technology that can monitor cows around the clock with “a pair of eyes that never close,” the dairy operator needs no more than a few minutes each day to identify those animals eligible for breeding.

    Dairy farms that use AfiMilk’s integrated system for monitoring milk production already enjoy the built-in benefits of AfiAct. However, AfiMilk’s product mix makes AfiAct available as a modular, stand alone system as well.

    Pedometer Plus

    AfiAct is based on data collected from Pedometer Plus, an ID pedometer attached to the cow’s legs. The Pedometer Plus measures rest time and rest bouts, along with stress levels or comfort experienced by farm animals through measuring their performance and behavior. Measurements of impaired biological functioning, particularly those connected to decreased health and increased physiological stress responses, can provide good corroborating evidence that welfare is compromised.

    Milking cows

    Some dairy owners decide to install AfiAct for heat detection, with a plan to later build it into the comprehensive AfiMilk system. This upgrade makes full use of the pedometers and other components that are purchased with AfiAct.


    AfiAct provides high rates of heat detection for virgin-heifer groups. Installed side by side with AfiAct for milking cows, AfiAct thus provides full coverage of heat detection on the farm.

    Grazing Milk Cows

    AfiAct is used effectively for grazing cows. Pasturing cows walk long distances; change grazing fields frequently, sometimes graze during the day and are confined to pens at night. AfiAct incorporates unique technology for neutralizing these variations, resulting in high success rates of heat detection under difficult conditions.

    Additional benefits

    Alerts for cow that fails to show signs of heat
    • Alerts for possible abortions (heat signs for pregnant cows)
    • Indicates decrease in activity (lame or sick cows)

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