Dairy herd management system

The AfiMilk comprehensive management system provides the farmer with a user friendly and professionally designed tool to meet the many challenges of daily decision-making. With AfiMilk herd management, you can make informed decisions regarding an individual cow, group of cows, or a complete herd. Precise decisions are required for every field of activities in the farm. AfiMilk provides factual, correlated data and trends to help you manage:

  • Breeding
  • Nutrition
  • Health monitoring and management
  • Herd movement
  • Buying and selling/culling of animals
  • Quota and production management

AfiMilk management tools:

  • Health reports
  • Animals for insemination
  • Production (quota) management
  • Cow culling
  • Summary and analysis reports
  • Official reports
  • Drug management
  • Milking efficiency
  • Technical fault reports
  • Veterinary module
  • Milk recording tools
  • Data exchange with external bodies