• Product integration and data management solutions

    The future of Australian dairy farming

    DMS Afimilk provides an Integration Service, Management Consultancy and an Ideal Weight Feeding Program to support dairy farmers during product integration and transition toward data gathering and profitability. With over 30 years experience as service technician providers to Australia’s dairy farm industry, DMS Afimilk have the expertise and know-how to assist in the integration and ongoing management of Afimilk products.

    Integration Service

    Transforming Australian dairy farms, one farm at a time

    DMS Afimilk works with Australian dairy farm managers to integrate Afimilk products with a considered respect for existing infrastructure and the individual needs of each dairy farm. Every product is introduced with maximum performance in mind to ensure that you receive the full benefits of every product purchased.

    Management Consultancy

    Data driven results

    Introducing new technologies to move your dairy farm toward optimum efficiency and profitability involves a period of education and transition for most dairy farmers. DMS Afimilk Management Consultants provide ongoing technical and practical support on a case by case basis, to ensure that the data generated by Afimilk products is utilised to your full advantage.

    Ideal Weight Feeding Program

    Individual feed menus

    Our Ideal Weight Feeding Program caters for the individual needs of every member of your herd. Our nutritionist assesses the weight gain, weight loss and milk production of every cow on a monthly basis to form recommendations on menus for increased milk production and profitability. Advice is also provided on the nutritional value of paddocks and the quality of existing grain feed to achieve maximum return on investment. The entire suite of AfiMilk products is required to access this service.


    You are never alone with Aftercare

    AfiAftercare is an online support service that will help you ensure your Afifarm system is operating at its full potential, and enable you to make full use of your Afifarm investment. AfiAftercare is run by experts on Afifarm software who will help you write all the reports and set up the programme to suit your own management needs. They will also help you check all the technical aspects on a regular basis to ensure the whole system is operating properly, and will give you advice on how best to use the system to get the most out of it.

    Sales, upgrades & full installation of milking machines

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